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The land of exquisite surprises

                One of the developed states of India. Mumbai, the financial capital of India is also capital of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is divided topographically into two regions, Konkan and Deccan plateau. Sahyadri Mountain divides the two regions and act as rainmaker for western region. Topographical difference helps various habitats to reside & flourish. During monsoon many rivers originates in Sahyadri range and also, many waterfalls are seen plunging into deep valleys. The scintillating cascades are the venues for picnics & excursions. Most of the Rivers meander through slopes of Sahyadri, irrigating large part of the vegetation and finally meet Arabian Sea. Dense forest with flora and fauna benefit many living creatures as well as human beings through out the year. Maharashtra is also gifted with sea front of 720 kms having many unexplored, exotic beaches along its coast. Due to vast coastal front, all the trade and business with other countries used to be through many natural and safe ports.Temples, caves and forts representative of our ancestors, though voice less depict spiritual message embodied in them. They are more than 2000 years old, still withstanding the test of time and weather. Maharashtra was ruled by many Royal families who built various forts to control their territory. These forts still stand and hold museum of their times. It has become necessity of modern world to break away from hustle and bustle of the city. Experience has shown weekend outing bring about a remarkable recovery and restores the full capacity of individual. Meander slowly across the state you will realize that this is no ordinary experience. This is the land that has it all.. forts, palaces, wildlife, temples, caves and beaches. It has the uncanny ability to surprise you at every turn.
Come and Explore it !!!

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